Maximal simplicity for every generation

Learn how to sell Bayliner as we enter our next chapter

Our dealer network is and will always be our most valuable partner in bringing new boaters to the water. That's why we've created this resource to empower you to turn your leads into Bayliner owners.

We make boats for everyone. Here's how we'll spread the word together!

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Our Promise, Explained

Bayliner wants to exemplify and embody a safe and simple recreational boating lifestyle by enabling all boaters - whether longtime, first-time, or someday owners - to enjoy what matters most.

Upholding Our Promise

We've outlined key values, behaviors and benefits that uphold and deepen our promise to prospective buyers.

Boundless Possibility

Bayliner is proud of the fact that nearly anyone can find a point of entry into the boating lifestyle within our portfolio.

  • Emphasize the variety of models and price points to suit a range of experience levels
  • Ask about the customer's current experiences and hobbies as well as their goals for the future

Purposeful Design

Bayliner is backed by Brunswick Corporation; that means the minds behind our products are the same ones driving innovation across the marine industry and beyond.

  • Understand where your customer perceives barriers to their favorite activities and guide them to Bayliner features and benefits that remove them
  • Explain the benefits of Brunswick if detractors or historical perceptions are asked about

Ultimate Integrity

Our boats are assembled at some of the highest-standard manufacturing facilities in the world, as evidenced by numerous awards for safety and practices.

  • Help the customer understand what features are essential and what are convenient based on their individual needs; direct their attention to the details that enable safety and functionality
  • Highlight the importance of service availability and the breadth of Bayliner's reach

Genuine Enrichment

We recognize that the moments are what matter most. Our customers care more about the feeling and less about the optics, which means they define what excellence is.

  • Tell it straight; Bayliner boats are for people who want a straightforward experience on the water with few distractions
  • Talk about our warranty program and emphasize why it's best to buy a new Bayliner and get the full scope of protection. 

We're here for the ride

We can't wait to bring more boaters into the Bayliner family. As always, reach out to your brand business partner with any questions regarding how to best market and promote our products in your community.