Bowrider Boats

What is a Bowrider and Why is it Called That?

A Bowrider, sometimes called a runabout boat, is named for its distinctive forward seating and for the way the front seems to rise above the water’s surface.


If you look down the hull of a bowrider, you notice it has a blade-like profile. The purpose of this is simple physics: this shape will “cut through” the water’s surface with less resistance. Why does that matter? Think about it—if you like to tow friends on a tube or even just like the feeling of wind whipping through your hair while cruising, the deep-V shape is going to be able to maneuver with less effort than a deck boat or pontoon, both of which are designed to displace water across a broader area.


Bayliner’s VR Series bowriders employ the V-hull design outlined above, which makes them our preferred choice for boaters who want to pursue cruising and tow sports more than anything else. Beyond their hull features, VR Series models offer both outboard and inboard propulsion options to be suitable for either saltwater or freshwater cruising.

Simply, Bowrider Boats meet the need for speed

Bowriders have a distinct “rise” when underway that creates a sensation of flying over the water. This experience makes them a hit with kids and adults alike, so be ready to take turns riding up front. An authorized Bayliner dealer near you can help you decide which bowrider model suits your needs.