Bayliner Boats

Experience the reliability of a trusted brand and the accessibility of our affordable lineup of boats. More than anything, experience the togetherness and satisfaction a Bayliner brings.

Generally, a deck boat has a wide bow for more deck space and maximum seating.

Deck Boats

M Series Deck Boats

The M Series is designed around our signature M-Hull foundation. Its unique design creates a running surface that is exceptionally stable, predictable and easy to maneuver. You’ll appreciate its familiar, automotive-style handling whether you’re a new or experienced boater.

DX Series Deck Boats

With comfortable layouts, modern styling, and easy towing, the DX Series is proof that the right deck boat can do everything you need it to do. Plush interiors feature our most luxurious upholstery on top of versatile seating configurations.

E Series Deck Boats

Less fuss. More Fun. It’s that simple. Whether you’re new to boating or someone who just likes easy decisions our Element models take the guess work out of boat buying. The Element series combines a stunningly affordable price, familiar automotive handling and class-leading stability.

Center Console boats are medium-sized, trailerable vessels usually used for cruising and fishing

Center Console Boats

Trophy Series Center Console Boats

The Trophy Series puts exceptional fishing boats in reach with a deep V-hull and user-friendly design. Designed with families and serious anglers in mind, a broad bow offers ample room for casting, while the center-console layout is ideal for reeling in your catch.

Bowriders are generally “pointy” at the front and handle choppy water more smoothly

Bowrider Boats

VR Series Bowrider Boats

The VR Series is Bayliner’s take on the traditional bowrider with a V-hull. Our BeamForward™ design carries the full width of the boat through the bow, and our AftAdvantage™ design creates more usable space.

Enclosed cabins + sleeping berths

Overnight Boats

PH Series Overnight Boats

For when fishing is more than a hobby, the Pilothouse fishing boats are thoughtfully designed to maximize every bit of deck space with the addition of well-equipped enclosed cabins for impromptu overnight fishing adventures.

EX Series Overnight Boats

Hyper-functional with touches of elegance, the Explorer fishing boats are built on the cornerstones of safety, comfort, style and power for traversing every type of water body from rivers and lakes to open ocean.