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What is a Deck Boat and How Did it Get its Name?

A deck is the horizontal surface of a boat on which the crew or passengers sit or stand. Deck boats usually have a wide bow for more deck space and maximum seating.

This style of boat is great if you're new to boating or planning to boat with family or friends. Deck boats are famously easy to handle and deliver excellent capacity and comfort for entertaining a crew.

Open Layout Makes Entertaining Easy

Deck boats are ideal if you like to entertain, thanks to open cockpit layouts and maximized space for storage and seating. Some models can accommodate up to 12 people on board.

Cockpit Configuration

You might also notice that a deck boat's seating configuration positions passengers along the port and starboard sides facing the center, rather than facing forward. This is perfect if you're envisioning all-day boat parties - think of it like your floating living room!

Optimal Storage

Our DX models take things to the next level with plush, premium upholstery and tons of built-in cubbies and compartments for bringing along gear like tubes, coolers and skis.

Deck Boats Offer More Space to Share with Others

Deck boats are great multipurpose boats that offer excellent comfort and value for those who want to enjoy a variety of activities on the water with family and friends. An authorized Bayliner dealer near you can help you decide which deck boat model suits your needs.