A place for everything and everyone.
You won't have to leave anyone or anything behind thanks to multiple storage compartments onboard and seating capacities of 11 on the 190 and 12 on the 210 and 215.
High-capacity Bayliner Deck Boats outperform the competition when it comes to the sheer amount of people and stuff you can bring onboard. Feel free to invite as many at 11 onboard the 190 Deck Boat and 12 onboard the 210 and 215 *. That's like your own private island - and more people than the comparable Hurricane model can carry. Along with the numerous storage spaces built into the new Bayliner Deck Boats - including a large enclosed portside bulkhead that can be upgraded with a head unit (210 and 215) - you won't have to leave anything or anyone behind again.
Bayliner 190 Deck Boat Bayliner 210 Deck Boat Bayliner 215 Deck Boat
* 190DB Domestic: 11 persons; 1,556 max persons weight; 2.300 max load (180 HP)
Overseas (category C): 10 persons; 1,052 Kg max load (134 KW)
210DB Domestic: 12 persons; 1,720 max persons weight 2,583 max load (209 HP)
 Overseas (Categiry C): 10 persons; 1,172 Kg max load (156 KW)
215DB Domestic: 12 persons; 1,750 max persons weight; 1,800 max laod
Overseas (Category C): 9 Persons; 771 Kg max load