Keys to Blissful Boating

Bayliner has long been the go-to brand for folks who are newly embarking onthe incredible journey that is the boating lifestyle. Not only does Bayliner striveto make its products approachable and fun, the company also works hard tohelp clear the path toward boat ownership for all customers. Bayliner hasrecently tapped Essex Credit as a trusted source for financing and re-financingyour boat. Essex Credit offers competitive rates and terms to ensure thatboating is both enjoyable and affordable.

Essex Credit has a couple of general tips for keeping costs down once you getboating:

- Gas up on the road. Fuel prices are usually higher on the water than on landfor the same product. If you keep your boat on a trailer, you can take advantageof the lower prices at your local gas station. Storage facilities and marinassometimes discount fuel prices for members.

- Take your Bayliner in for regular service. A well-maintained vessel will notonly perform better, in many cases it gives you better fuel economy and willhold its value better.

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