New to Boating

Welcome to Boating with Bayliner

Bayliner has earned an unrivaled reputation as the brand of choice among new boaters. They appreciate the minimal upkeep, ease of use, exceptional reliability, and perfect balance of features and price that Bayliner boats have offered for the past 50-plus years.

Choosing the right boat is a big step toward embracing the thrilling on-water lifestyle, but learning the ins and outs of boating is important, too. Being familiar with the rules and practices of safe boating, insurance coverage, boater "etiquette" and proper boat care methods all help to ensure that when you make the jump into the boating lifestyle, you land on your feet.

Resources abound to help educate new boaters and build their confidence on the water. You can find links on this page to popular boating sites packed with useful information on subjects such as safe boating, U.S. Coast Guard regulations, trailering, insuring your boat and much more. And don't forget that your local Bayliner dealer is one of the most convenient and dependable resources for advice, support, assistance and education in every aspect of the boating experience.

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