Bayliner Best in Stow First in Space
Beam Design

Beam Forward Design
Adds This Much Beam

By Beam Forward Design, we mean that Bayliner designers carry the widest part of the beam farther toward the bow, maximizing the useable width of the boat for much more of its length. Where many other brands' boats taper quickly from amidships to the pointy bow, Bayliner hulls stay wider longer, before gracefully curving to the bow. The space gains can be significant!

Best in Stow. First in Space.

Bayliner's reputation as first in space and best in stow means no one and no thing is left out of your days on the water. Our designers continually devise and rethink ways to create passenger space and expand storage, because more elbowroom and places to stow your stuff means freer days on the water.

Bayliner understands this is a dual effort. Some brands of boats don't get this balance right. They maximize floor space, but provide nowhere for you to put your stuff — so you're always stepping around it or sliding it over to catch a seat. Other boats compromise useable space with badly designed storage or furniture components. Bayliner knows you can't have the yin without the yang.

It starts with the hull. More room in the hull ultimately means more room for people and gear. All Bayliner runabouts and Cruisers feature signature Beam Forward Design, which increases seating room in the bows of Bowriders, and much more storage and elbowroom in the cabins of Bayliner Cruisers—while retaining a sleek and stylish profile. Sidewall upholstery is more efficient, as well, giving you all of the comfort and good looks you need without space-robbing panels cutting into your useable room.